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Iran Tourist Visa Procedure

  • Upon your confirmation of the services, an application form will be sent to you.
  • You need to fill in the questioner and send it back to us along a copy of your passport.
  • You will have to choose where you want to obtain the visa.
  • We will process the visa application for you.
  • An Authorization code is granted to you; with which you can proceed to either an Iranian embassy or at the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran to obtain your visa.
  • The above-mentioned services are free of charge, however, the visa section of the foreign minister will charge an amount to issue you the visa.

Normal processing time by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would be 10-14 days working and for USA, UK, and Canadian citizens would be longer around 30 to 45 working days.

* Note: Our Travel Agency can Apply for your Visa to Iran, only when the Tourist Services are Booked through us!