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Useful Information


- Since 1st of January 2002, Euro currency has come into existence and is the local currency in the most European countries including Belgium, Holland, Germany, Greece, Austria, Italy and France. The currency in Switzerland is Swiss Franc, in the UK is British Pound, in Denmark is Danish Kroner, in Norway is Norway Kroner, in Sweden is Swedish Kroner, in the Czech Republic is Czech Koruna, in Hungary is Hungarian Forint, in South Africa is South African Rand, in Japan is Japanese Yen, in Australia is Australian Dollar, in Canada is Canadian Dollar, in the USA is US Dollar, in Malaysia is Malaysian Ringgit, in Singapore is Singapore Dollar and in Thailand is Thai Bath.
- Always bring your money in destination local currency and or major international currencies.
- You are advised to plan your budget well in advance and be sure to allocate funds for special events whilst on tours, such as meals, entrance fees, transportation fees, side trips and additional optional tours.

Essential Items

- Warm clothing like sweaters, jackets and a raincoat are essential. Avoid carrying heavy woolens during the summer season.
- Please carry sunglasses, a cap, alarm clock, a spare pair of spectacles if you are using one, comfortable walking shoes, medication along with the doctor’s prescription (if you are using any particular medication), a folding umbrella, a pair of slippers, camera rolls, digital camera chips with a higher MB, extra batteries, charger and multi-plug adaptor for mobile and digital cameras, formal dress and suit for participating in special occasions like opera.


- Due to flight regulations and limited coach capacity in coach-based tours, one middle size suitcase per person is allowed on your tour, which should not exceed the 20 kg weight and a hand baggage with a maximum weight of 7 kg. It should be reminded that any extra charge or penalty for the exceed baggage should be paid by the passenger.
- We suggest that you carry one set of clothes along with your toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit (without scissors) and other accessories in your hand baggage. This is just in case your baggage is misplaced.
- We recommend that you travel as light as possible as usually there is no porterage included on some part of your tour and heavy luggage would cause you great inconvenience while on the tour. Please carry bags with wheels. 
- Please note that sharp objects like scissors, knives and any form of liquid like gels cannot be kept in the hand baggage. The same has to be kept in your checked baggage. However airline policies keep changing, hence please confirm the same prior to departure with your travel agency.

Telephone & Roaming

- It is recommended to give the telephone number of the hotels you are accommodating in during your trip to your family members, as due to the roaming charges this will minimize your costs. Please advise them to spell out your surname clearly to the hotel’s reception.
- If you would like to use your mobile phone while on tour, please contact your mobile operator and check with them regarding the roaming charges.


- Please take extra care of your belongings while on the trip, as most countries are prone to thefts.
- Please do not forget anything in the hotels, coach, train, and airplane as there is a huge risk that you will never find them again and in the case found, you will be charged for postage fees which are very expensive sometimes.
- Please do not keep any money or valuables in your checked luggage. Money or valuables should be kept carefully with you on your person, or in your hand baggage.
- Please carry a photocopy of your passport including valid visas and keep them separately from the original.
- Please carry an international photo ID (like an international driving license or Eavar ID card) instead of passport and keep your passport in a safe place (like hotel’s safe box).
- Please always carry your original travel insurance.
- Your receipt/ticket will be checked in many places like shops, bus stations, metro and train after purchase/usage. So, please keep them with you at least 24 hours after purchasing/using.
- Please do not accept any baggage or anything to carry from other people due to security reasons.
- It is recommended to ask for the hotel’s card and city map upon your arrival to each hotel directly from the hotel reception or through your tour director and keep them with you during your stay there.


- Always ask your tour director or hotel reception regarding the notice board of the hotel as your tour director usually post the itineraries and updates there for the group. 
- Your hotels have been conveniently located and specifically chosen to keep in mind the tour program, level, location, and space availability. Utmost care is taken to ensure accommodation of good quality.
- Hotel amenities, room types, and sizes vary depending on the destination and as an example, please keep in mind that European city hotels usually do not have swimming pool even in the 5-star category.
- Most hotel rooms are air-conditioned, but on some days due to the extreme rise in the temperature, there is a possibility that it could get hot.
- In Europe, room sizes are generally much smaller than hotels in America or Asia. Single rooms are usually smaller in size than twins and doubles and have one small bed, and triples are usually a standard plus a roll away or sofa bed. 
- Hotel rooms have facilities like minibar, pay-TV channels, telephones, etc. Please note that these facilities are not complimentary and there might be a credit card or cash guarantee to unlock them and have to be paid for, based on the actual usage.
- Hotels sometimes offer the facility of complimentary safe deposit lockers, which can be availed of.
- Please ensure that there are no damages done to your hotel room during your stay since the same would be charged to you directly by the hotel or indirectly through the travel agency (like depositing your letter of guarantee).
- There is a remote possibility that you may have to stay in another city than what is mentioned, but care will be taken that you do not miss out any sightseeing.
- Breakfasts may vary from a simple continental to a full buffet breakfast. In some hotels, there is a separate temporary room for group breakfasts. This is according to the hotel's policies.
- If there is an early morning departure, a boxed breakfast may be provided.
- Interconnected rooms are provided limited or even not available in many hotels due to security reasons
. Thus confirming such rooms even if you have requested it on your contract would only be possible at your check-in time. So, there is no guarantee to confirm such room by the travel agency or the tour director.
- The hotel check-in time is at 15:00 and check-out is at 11:00.
- Your hotels are always booked including breakfast and the breakfast is complimentary during the hotel’s serving time but please note that taking out any kind of food from the breakfast salon except one fruit is strictly forbidden.


- Since in some of the itineraries most of your traveling would be by coach, we ask you to assist us in keeping the coach neat and clean.
- We regret that in the interest of fellow customers, smoking, drinking and eating foodstuff is not permitted on the coach.
- We operate a seat rotation system so no seat numbers are allocated on the couch.

Team Work

- Your itinerary has been specially designed to ensure that you get the maximum coverage during your holiday. To achieve this, we require your cooperation in being punctual. Sightseeing, as well as various other excursions, have been pre-booked for a particular duration and thus, if the group is delayed, the delay will actually deprive you of your own sightseeing time. Local guides have been pre-booked for certain duration and cannot extend their services beyond the specified time limits. Please do understand that punctuality is solely in your interest to ensure that you have the full benefit of all services included in the package. Very often, the entire group may be delayed and may lose valuable time or opportunity due to a few people delaying the whole group.
- While checking into the hotels, wait in the lobby or coach as advised by the tour director. Crowding near her/him would only delay the check-in process.
- We request you to kindly cooperate with the tour director and abide by her/his instructions for a successful and memorable tour.
- Tipping (except in some countries) is something that is expected of anyone providing you a service, for example, tour director, coach driver, local guides. It is mandatory to tip a nominal amount of 1 to 2 Euros per person per day for the duration of the service of the tour. 
- Please note that you cannot leave the group in any part of the tour or accommodate in a city other than the itinerary except in the form of the group and as part of an excursion or optional tour.
- Other than the included sightseeing and excursions, there will be some optional tours offered to you by your tour director during your trip and will be operated in case of participating the majority and after the price is collected.
- It is recommended to have some general information about the sights and cities you will visit during your tour to make the utmost of your trip.
- To respect your fellow traveler’s privacy, please do not take photo or film from them without their permission.
- Due to the latest drivers’ driving regulations policy, it is essential that the given day's itinerary is completed within the stipulated driving hours of the driver. It is possible that if the group is delayed for some reason, the free time given at certain sightseeing places could be curtailed.

Other Information

- There is no system of providing drinking water in the rooms. Normal tap water is usually safe for drinking except in some cities.
- Voltage in Europe, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore is 220/240 volts.
- In case of children under 12, if they use ½ of a double/twin room, they will be charged for a full adult price.
- The departure date would be the due date to calculate children’s age.
- Participating in daily excursions is not obligatory and you can plan for yourself in case you do not want to be with the group.
- It is client’s responsibility to apply for his/her passport, check the validity of the passport, pay the exit tax, exit stamp and all the other points regarding the accuracy of the passport. 
- Most of the shops offer tax-free prices if you purchase over a certain amount from them and you can refund these taxes in the airport. Please keep the essential papers till you return home.
- Local guides always speak English – other than their local language – and your tour director will do her/his best to translate it to Persian as well; however, the best option is listening to the English origin for those who understand.

 Brochure Accuracy

- Our effort is made to ensure brochure and website accuracy at the time of going to press; however, we apologize in advance for printing or typographical errors, or errors arising from unforeseen circumstances.
- Photographs or pictures appearing in this brochure and website should be used solely as an indication of facilities and attractions. Actual facilities and attractions may vary according to availability.